Watch a recap of our ‘Impact of Racism’ seminar & screening

Thank you to all who attended the ‘The Impact of Racism’ – featuring a screening of ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ + Q&A, last week at Curzon Victoria.

The immersive Seminar on the research and application of racial trauma in the UK in 2022, featured a viewing of ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’, a sophisticated portrayal of racial trauma, and with a narrative comparable to the experience of people in the UK experiencing the impact of racial trauma without it being recognised as such, and instead attributed to other factors.

See a recap of the event below:

The event featured a presentation from Hári Sewell and an ‘In Conversation’ with Jess Mally, where they used content from the film as a reference alongside theories and research on the nature and consequences of racial trauma, and was followed by a Q&A session with a very inquisitive and engaged audience.

Hári & Jess raised interesting discussion points including how might we draw a connection between some of the characteristics and the life courses of the lead characters within the film and what we see happening in our communities and society in contemporary UK, and covered important subjects such as the merit in working with a specific framework of racialised trauma as opposed to PTSD or a generic idea of trauma and how might professionals and colleagues recognise and respond to racialised trauma without pathologising people of colour.

We hope the entertaining and educational experience will go some way to help contextualise racial trauma, and encourage accountability and the exercising of personal agency.

Thank you to our event partner, HS Consultancy and our amazing speakers Hàri Sewell & Jess Mally. You can find out more about the fantastic work they do by visiting the links below:

Hári Sewell
Hàri Sewell
Writer and speaker in his specialist area of social justice, equality, race and culture in mental health.
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Jess Mally
Jess Mally
Antiracism educator, writer, speaker and more!
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