Five top tips for aspiring actors

Nothing good comes easy for anyone, it’s even harder breaking into the difficult terrain of becoming an actor. You’ll ask, “but others are getting into the trade, right?” Yes, they are and this article will show you how they are doing it;

1. Learn the craft

It’s not just acting; a lot goes into it that needs a lot of time investment. You are likely to succeed faster by studying the craft. Just like a medical doctor will not perform a surgery without learning, an actor would be better with adequate training also.

2. Get an agent

Immediately you decide that you’ll be an actor, the next step is to get yourself some representation. Research the best talent management agencies closer to you and settle for one. Let your choice be a factor of their pedigree and quality.

3. Practice everyday

Even if you don’t get called to locations, you need to start sharp by practising the craft on a daily basis. Know that unemployment is part of your issue as an actor, embrace the period and use it in developing yourself further for the next job.

4. Be your own marketing agent

Don’t sell yourself short. See yourself as an entrepreneur, you need to put yourself out there. No one will notice you if you are not in the public space. Utilise social media to create a buzz around yourself.

5. Build a strong CV

You are still upcoming and not so many film-makers know you already. As soon as you have a few roles under your belt, put it together as a resume. It will come handy at auditions.

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