Adrian Grant
Adrian has worked in the media and entertainment industry for over 30 years, and set up the Visionary Arts Foundation to make positive social changes via creative endeavours, and give opportunities to a new generation of young talent. It his dream to see unified communities blending harmoniously with a diverse society that can work together in creating equal opportunities, breaking down barriers, and inspiring young people to dream, achieve and succeed.
Rebecca Goodwin
Events & Marketing Executive
After working in financial services for several years, Rebecca decided to take a leap of faith to pursue a career she felt would be more meaningful. Hence she is now happy at the Visionary Arts Foundation, where she can combine her passion for media and social change. Rebecca has previous experience supporting young people with disabilities and strongly believes in equal opportunities for all, and the use of the arts as an effective tool to inspire positive change in society for generations to come.
Hári Sewell
Hári is a writer and speaker in his specialist area of social justice, equalities and ethnicity, race and culture in mental health. Hári is an honorary Senior Visiting Fellow at the University of Central Lancashire and Specialist Guest Lecturer at University of Bradford, Visiting Lecturer at Christ Church Canterbury University and is a Member of the Scientific Board of the ESRC Centre for Society and Mental Health. Hári has had various books, articles and book chapters published, with new material emerging regularly.
Nicholas Walker
Partnership Executive
Nicholas firmly believes that anything done exceptionally well becomes Art. There is something deeply satisfying and inspiring about seeing individuals, who are clearly in their element, perform or produce art. He is passionate about forging the relationships and connections between people and organisations that create the environment conducive to nurturing and realising this level of self-expression.