Rising actor to explore Racial Barriers for performers in new BBC Documentary

Rising British actor Ricardo P Lloyd is set to explore the barriers faced by Black performers in theatre, television and film in his first radio documentary ‘My Name is Ricardo P Lloyd’.

In the documentary, Lloyd examines his own journey as an actor, and investigates the struggles and structural barriers for Black people in sectors of the UK’s entertainment industry

Ipswich born Ricardo has worked in many stage productions but has struggled to make the transition to the screen in the UK and he believes this is partly because he refuses to perpetrate negative stereotypes that exist in many of the roles available for Black actors such as gang members roles.

“Why are so many of the roles earmarked for us so detrimental to the representation of Black people and what can we do to challenge the racism that’s holding us back?”

The programme features contributions from Tobi Bakare, from the BBC show Death in Paradise, Clint Dyer, Deputy Artistic Director of The Royal National Theatre and I May Destroy You star Aml Ameen, who discuss the need for change in the industry and how the UK can better foster an environment to retain black talent, rather than actors having to move across the pond to seek greater career opportunities in the US.

Lloyd aims to help pave the way for other young Black people still in school and dreaming of pursuing an acting career and to shed some light on the challenges that many young Black actors have to deal with coming up in the industry from fees for drama school through to the difficulties of navigating class barriers and hopes that those in positions of power will respond with real tangible changes.

“I want to see the industry celebrate black talent instead of pushing actors out. Representation at all levels should be the goal, not just tokenism.”

Whilst many up and coming actors are afraid to speak out on the challenges they are facing, and often understandably so, Lloyd isn’t. He says:

“Rather than wait until I am older and more established to speak out, I am risking my own career in the hope that it will inspire and empower future generations. There are many barriers I have personally faced, some known and some unknown.”

My Name is Ricardo P Lloyd will premiere on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds on July 18.



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