Our Team

Managing Director

Adrian has worked in the media and entertainment industry for 30 years, and set up the Visionary Arts Organisation to make positive social changes via creative endeavours.

It his goal to see a more unified peaceful society that works together in creating diverse opportunities, breaks down barriers, and allows young people to dream, achieve and succeed.

Marketing Manager

Diana has over twenty years’ professional experience of creating Marketing Strategies. Her specialist skills include stakeholder engagement and influencing strategies across digital, social and broadcast media.

A former director of Amnesty International and a senior manager at the British Red Cross, she is also a passionate diversity and inclusion change agent.

Partnership Manager

Nick firmly believes that anything done exceptionally well becomes Art. There is something deeply satisfying and inspiring about seeing individuals, who are clearly in their element, perform or produce art.

He is passionate about forging the relationships and connections between people and organisations that create the environment conducive to nurturing and realising this level of self-expression.


Emily is a features and arts writer and editor, TV writer and playwright. She has a decade of experience writing for newspapers, websites and magazines including The Independent, The Stage, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, Wired, The Times, the Pool and WhatsonStage.