NOMINATIONS: Podcast/media show of the year

Krishnan Guru-Murphy's podcast explores current affairs in detailed interviews

Legally Black (Media Organisation)

Legally Black tackles black underrepresentation in film and TV by remaking famous film posters and replacing them with black actors.

James O’Brien (Radio Show) – LBC

James O’Brien engages listeners with unvarnished, uncondescending chat on his show. Standout moments this year include the listener phone-in where callers suggested the activities they have found that ease their mental health and his Brexit analogy which likened the Brexit campaign to a fire warning, but once everyone had left the building they realised there wasn’t a fire after all.

Ways To Change The World (Podcast) – C4

Krishnan Guru-Murthy’s podcast takes one hour per episode with some of the greatest thinkers in the nation to explore the big questions around how to solve society’s ills and what we want our future to look like.

Under The Skin with Russell Brand

Under The Skin with Russell Brand

Under The Skin – Russell Brand (Podcast)

This series exploring what goes on in the minds of the people we may admire, has offered frank and intellectually stimulating discussions between the comedian, actor and presenter Russel Brand and his guests, including chef Jack Monroe, Hypnobirthing teacher Katharine Graves and philosopher Marianne Williamson.

Woman’s Hour (Radio Show) – BBC 4

The BBC’s flagship women’s radio show is a cultural institution that has always put women front and centre of everything it does. Presenters Jane Garvey and Jenni Murray have been on the show since 2007 and 1987 respectively, their chosen topics this year include highlighting the #MeToo movement and transgender rights.

About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge (Podcast)

From the author behind the bestselling book Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, is a podcast that takes the conversation a step further. Featuring key voices from the last few decades of anti-racist activism, About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge looks at the recent history that lead to the politics of today.

Lead image: Krishnan Guru-Murthy (Channel 4 News/ITN)

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