New podcast to share untold stories by women and non-binary people about UK’s diverse communities

Misogyny, racism, abuse and queerness are all addressed in a new podcast

A new podcast series from Futures Theatre brings together interviews with marginalised groups and dramatised stories from established and emerging UK writers, telling stories of 30 women and non-binary people from diverse UK communities.

Fully Amplified is a seven-part original drama-documentary series exploring all walks of life, by some of the UK’s most dynamic writers.

While the podcast is often joyful and funny, its heavy-hitting themes include the treatment of Asian women in the wake of COVID-19, the Armenian Genocide, interracial relationships, internalised misogyny within queer femme bodies and domestic abuse.

Episode one centres on a community of Black, Brown and Diaspora women who live in Margate in Kent, woven together with the fictional story of Aunty by Tanya Loretta Dee, who lives by the sea and is living her last day on Earth.

For episode two, conversations with British East and South-East Asian women in the wake of increased anti-Asian violence informed a story by Ava Wong Davies, performed by Chloe Ewart.

Futures Theatre, founded in 1992, is a London based charity that exists so that underrepresented women and non-binary people can live their fullest lives, amplifying their voices through theatre, engagement programmes and training. Using theatre they fight for equity and social change, bringing art to communities who are often socially or economically excluded from traditional theatre experiences. Futures collaborates with skilled artists to develop each project, creating opportunities for brilliant female and non-binary artists, addressing the under-representation of their talent in UK theatre and celebrating this untapped potential.

Futures Theatre’s artistic director Caroline Bryant said, “Fully Amplified demanded the writing of powerful unapologetic audio theatre inspired by intimate and authentic conversations of women and non-binary people. It champions and celebrates that they are so much more than how others may see them and the limitations pressed upon them. Birthed out of instinct and the necessity to work differently, I’ve loved creating this series full of variety. It’s been an immense chance to work with these unique writers and the contributors as they shared their magnificent lives, histories, and hopes”

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