Netflix unveils teaser for Bridgerton spin-off prequel with a mixed race Queen Charlotte

Netflix have released a first look trailer for their upcoming spin-off series, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

The much anticipated Bridgerton prequel, written and produced by executive producer of Bridgerton, Shonda Rhimes, will chronicle the early years of fan favourite Queen Charlotte, from the main Bridgerton series, currently played by Golda Rosheuvel. The role of the younger Queen will be played by 21 year old, Sex Education actress, India Amarteifio.

The series will depict the romance between young King George III (played by Corey Mylchreest in his first major role) and then-Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg. The teaser shows their first encounter as Princess Charlotte attempts to climb a garden wall to escape the king, whom she fears is “a beast”.

See the trailer below:

The show follows a debate about whether the real Queen Charlotte, who was born in Germany, and descended from Margarita de Castro y Sousa, which was the Black branch of the Portuguese Royal House, may have had African Ancestry, as well as German. Bridgerton’s version of the character marks her as the first monarch of colour in the UK, potentially making her Britain’s first mixed-heritage queen.

While Queen Charlotte’s racial identity has never been entirely confirmed, many people, including art historians have found that some of her portraits depicted traditional features of someone with African heritage.

Bridgerton has been widely praised over the years for the diversity of its cast and for making historical dramas more diverse, which is largely a result of the creator and producer Chris Van Dusen’s vision for the show.

Chris Van Dusen previously said:

Our take on race in the series is an example of how we mixed history within a fictional world… ​Bridgerton is not a colourblind world. That would imply race isn’t considered. Race is considered, and there are many historians who believe that Queen Charlotte was England’s first mixed-race queen. That theory resonated with us hugely – Chris Van Dusen

Shonda Rhimes on the portrayal of Queen Charlotte in the main show:

Chris took the sense of the world at the time but allowed it to be as fictional as he needed it to be. There weren’t really Bridgerton’s back then, so it wasn’t like this was a docudrama. It allowed Chris to create the world that he wanted to live in. He took one possible fact, which was that Queen Charlotte was a woman of colour, he extrapolated it, and built a world from there in terms of how society ran – Shonda Rhimes

 The Queen Charlotte spin-off series of Bridgerton does not currently have a confirmed release date.




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