Megan Jayne Crabbe on how to stop dieting, make peace with your body and live

Megan Jayne Crabbe

Megan Jayne Crabbe is an advocate for body positivity. Her blog focuses on all things related to loving yourself and your body – from intuitive eating, to bikini body confidence, to fatphobia and size prejudice, and her opinions on the diet industry.

Megan wants to change the way we look at ourselves. She says,

“We’ve been convinced that happiness is something that only comes once we hit that goal weight, get those washboard abs, shrink ourselves down and change every part of ourselves. We believe that our bodies are the problem, but the truth is that our bodies are not the problem. How we’ve been taught to see them is the problem… it’s time for us all to stop believing the lies, and take our power back.”

Megan’s body image issues began when she was five years old. She spent her childhood chasing thinness, and at fourteen found herself spiralling into anorexia. After recovery she spent years dieting, binging, losing and gaining weight. Then she found body positivity, quit dieting, and finally escaped the cult of thin.

In 2017 she published her book, Body Positive Power, an inspiring read and powerful call to arms to reach as many people as possible with the truth: that we are all good enough as we are!

In 2019 she co-created and toured a sell-out live show called The Never Say Diet Club, filled with empowering talks, comedy musicals, over-the-top dance numbers and lots of costume changes.

On her colourful and popular Instagram account, she also posts inspirational messages. Her most recent quote read, “I promise you, the everyday acts of kindness add up. Changing the world isn’t always a viral hashtag or people with the biggest platforms shouting. It’s you, and me. And everyone else living in their values every day. Every drop adds to the wave.”

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