Maisie Richardson-Sellers advocating for more open representation on and off screen

The Undeclared War is currently showing on Channel 4, a cyber-warfare thriller from director Peter Kosminsky. The penultimate episode airs on Channel 4 this evening, or you can binge the whole series on All 4.

Amongst it’s star-studded cast is Maisie Richardson-Sellers, a 30-year-old British actress who you may have previously seen in the Netflix Kissing Booth sequels 2 and 3, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, or a brief appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

She’s really making big waves on screen, but her talent doesn’t end there as she is now writing and directing, as well as advocating for a more real and inclusive depiction of the world within film and television.

Maisie is very vocal about using her platform for social change and speaking up about inequality and injustice.

She says, “To me it is a necessity. In my own life all I want to discuss is what is going on in the world. I don’t have an interest in small talk, and so I think that reflects in the way I interact (on) social media. To have the privilege of having a platform and then not using it to highlight topical issues and movements feels irresponsible.”

Maisie, is openly queer, and has been dating musician CLAY for a few years. She has previously talked about the importance of representing queer women of colour on screen, and says, “I am passionate about uplifting the voices of marginalised communities, and creating films that truthfully explore the intricacies, tribulations and strengths of those often ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media.”

In the last couple of years there has been a lot of talk about LGBTQ+ visibility and representation on-screen, but in order for real change Maisie is aware there needs to be more equity and representation behind the camera as well.

She says, “We have to diversify the industry from the top down behind the camera before we will start to regularly see honest, complex, positive, diverse representation and storytelling. I spent years combing through content trying to find stories that showed people of colour and LGBTQ+ stories in powerful, intimate and unique ways, and eventually I got tired of how few and far between they were. I have been fortunate to travel a lot, and I have met people from such a range of backgrounds and with mind-blowing stories and experiences that we could learn so much from.

I decided to start up my production company, Barefaced Productions, to facilitate the creation of stories told by and about marginalised individuals. The power of representation to inspire, heal, and challenge is endless.”

Maisie is currently writing her first feature, and has a few acting, directing, and producing projects in development…watch this space!

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