Lizzo uses platform to uplift inspiring activists in empowering awards speech

Singer Lizzo accepting People's Choice Award & celebrating 17 female activists for their work to better communities.

Singer Lizzo won the People’s Champion award at the recent People’s Choice Awards, an honor recognising her impact on music and television, as well as her commitment to championing diversity and inclusion.

Introduced by her mother, instead of accepting the award herself, she gave a heartfelt and empowering speech, celebrating the female activists who inspire her and who she believed were more deserving of the recognition.

During her speech, the singer pointed out the importance of celebrities using their platforms as a force for change.

She said: “‘I’m here tonight, because to be an icon isn’t about how long you’ve had your platform. Being an icon is what you do with that platform. And ever since the beginning of my career, I have used my platform to amplify marginalised voices. So, tonight I am sharing this honour”

After bringing out 17 activists, naming each one, and sharing the causes they fight for, which include fighting for Indigenous groups, transgender, religious and cultural equity, among other causes, she  demanded that the people “give them their flowers.”

She said: “I am sharing this honor. These are all activists and people that I think deserve the spotlight. Make some noise for them right now.”

The activists included Tamika Palmer, the mother of Breonna Taylor, the 2020 shooting victim who died during a police raid on her home which sparked the Black Lives Matter movement, and 16 more, who she once again highlighted via her social media for the work they are doing to better their communities.


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Lizzo, who has become well known for championing women, and advocating self love, also took the opportunity to spotlight indigenous history, and called for action on gun violence in her speech, urging onlookers to give their praise to the activists doing the real work to impact change.

Watch the full video below:

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