Justin Bieber launches clean water company in sustainability efforts

Popstar Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has launched Generosity, a clean water company.

The initiative lead by the popstar and Micah Cravalho, aims to not just provide safe and high quality water, but also to reduce the usage of single-use plastic by encouraging the use of refillable products instead.

Based on the latest research, 771 million people globally are still without access to clean water. The lack of access to safe water can be tragic, with 3.4 million people dying from water related illnesses each year.

Bieber spoke about the brand’s social impact initiative in a recent statement.

He said: “I want the world to have access to the best water. I also want nations to understand the best ways to protect their citizens. The overuse of plastic is hurting us, we need to be more sustainable”

According to the US beverage brand, they use all natural active ingredients, which stabilises the waters pH balance at 10, they say, making their water the highest quality water on the market.

The brands sustainable fountains connect to any water source and are able to create and dispense premium refillable alkaline water. Generosity says the fountains will be found commercially at major venues, festivals and in homes and workspaces next year.

Co-founder Cravalho said: “We aspire to be the global leader in water technology, empowering consumers with refillable products as an alternative to single-use packaging. We shouldn’t have to solely depend on single-serve plastics to meet our hydration needs. It’s becoming less and less cost efficient and its incrementally destroying our environment”

The initiative compliments a number of other projects taking place by Generosity which aim to create a greener, more sustainable future, including the OneTide sustainability movement which helps to keep plastics out of our oceans.

Grammy Award winner, Bieber, has participated in several social impact initiatives including working with organizations such as Pencils of Promise, which builds schools in developing countries.

Cravalho says of Bieber leading the project: “We need more and more…global icons like Justin Bieber, who are committed to sustainability and are willing to create a sustainable future.”

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