Janelle Monáe makes writing debut with Afrofuturistic book for the marginalised


Singer-songwriter & actor Janelle Monáe has made her writing debut with ‘The Memory Librarian: And Other Stories From Dirty Computer’,  a collection of short fictional stories written by herself and other female and non-binary authors.

The book builds on the concept of her Afrofuturistic project Dirty Computer released in 2018, which introduced us to a surveillance-hungry totalitarian world where memories which are key to self-awareness and self-expression, could be controlled or erased.

The stories explore the lives of those fighting to hold onto their ‘dirtiness’ without being tracked down and cleaned and emphasises the importance of people being able to take pride in their sexuality, race and identity.

“I think that it’s important for people to be proud of their identity. I am very proud to be a queer, young Black woman in America. I’m proud of who I am…I love myself, and I want for all the ‘dirty computers’ around the world to feel seen, to be heard, and to feel celebrated and to know that I’m right there with you.”

The book is available to order now.

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