An important twin objective of The Visionary Arts Organisation is to spotlight and advance our youth initiative – ‘The Visionary Impact Programme’. The mission of this scheme is simple – we seek to provide a practical solution to creating greater diversity, equality and inclusion across the arts, media and entertainment sectors.  We aim to achieve this by opening up accessible pathways of opportunity for young creatives to enable them to develop their talents.  This vital programme will seek to reach and engage teenagers and young adults who may otherwise face social and/or economic barriers to success that prevents them from reaching their full potential.

We provide grants for young creatives aged 16 to 34, interested in film, music, television, theatre, literature and social media. These grants (ranging from £500 to £2,000) will open up accessible pathways to opportunities in the industry by providing the financial resources required to help them to develop their talents to the next level.  In particular, the aim is to directly support career advancement and social mobility for young people from disadvantaged or vulnerable ‘at risk’ backgrounds.

Our programme also provides mentoring via schools, colleges and seminars.


In February 2019 the #NoKnivesVision campaign will be launched with the objective of influencing hearts and minds and encouraging solutions to reduce the rising rates of youth knife violence. Grants will be targeted to enable young people to blaze a trail and develop their skills to become writers, directors, actors, creatives and producers and give them more of a presence across the arts and entertainment sectors.

Recipients of our grants will be invited to become ambassadors for the programme and will be encouraged to articulate a positive message about diversity, equality and making a social change via their work.