Idris Elba launches campaign against knife crime

Idris Elba has urged the government to immediately ban machetes and ‘zombie’ knives, saying it’s “time to push the agenda as strongly as we can”.

Upon the launch of a new campaign called ‘Don’t Stop Your Future’, the film star said, “the nation wants to see that we do care about our youth. We’re seeing a rise not a decline and that needs to change”.

“What a ban will symbolically say is that our society has no tolerance for it,” the actor added, urging the government to “put it at the absolute forefront” of the legislative agenda.

Elba is also lobbying for more funding in youth services and is releasing a song titled ‘Knives Down’ in an effort to tackle serious youth violence across the UK.

He has urged the government to convene a cross-party, cross-governmental working group that brings together stakeholders who have a role to play in tackling knife crime.

In a statement, Idris said, “Today I’m calling on the Government for change.

Serious youth violence is rising across the country, meaning that hundreds of promising lives are being cut short. Everyday, the feeling of helplessness in us parents grows bigger and bigger.

The Government promised to ban zombie knives and machetes, we need this promise delivered.

We’re also calling for a new coalition to end knife crime.

It’s time for change”

An installation of neatly folded outfits, each representing someone who has died through knife crime on UK streets, is also on display in Parliament Square in central London.

Watch the for ‘Knives Down’ on YouTube –