Five top tips on how to become a TV presenter

1. Be determined

If you don’t have determination to be a presenter don’t do it. What makes you passionate? Whatever it is, follow that. Becoming a TV Presenter is very difficult, people want to knock you down. One minute your up, then you’re down – it is a very tough industry.

2. Be passionate

If you wake up thinking of TV, go to bed thinking of TV then definitely become a TV Presenter! If you don’t have that determination or passion, when the first person kicks you (not literally kicks you!) then it is really going to hurt. You need to get back up and keep going.If you’re passionate about becoming a presenter then the knockbacks will only make you stronger.

3. Be persistent

There are THOUSANDS of people wanting to be a TV Presenter. If you give up, someone else will just come along and take your place. I know this is harsh what I’m saying but it is the truth. If you slip, there are thousands of other presenters just waiting to take your place.

4. Keep in touch

This is quite tricky in terms of you do not want to email someone so much that you end up annoying them. At the same time you don’t want to be in the position that they forget who you are.

5. Research

Know who you are emailing (their name, what they do at the company, things they’ve done) and also do your research on the company – what TV shows have they made? Be knowledgeable and SHOW THEM that you are. Knowledge is power and if you want to become a TV Presenter that is true right from the start of your career.

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