Greta Thunberg delivers the essential handbook for saving the planet  

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has released the ultimate handbook for saving the planet.

In The Climate Book, Greta has gathered the wisdom of over one hundred experts – geophysicists, oceanographers and meteorologists; engineers, economists and mathematicians; historians, philosophers and indigenous leaders – to equip us all with the knowledge we need to combat climate disaster.

Alongside them, she shares her own stories of demonstrating and uncovering greenwashing around the world, revealing just how much we have been kept in the dark.

Greta states, “This is the biggest story in the world, and it must be spoken as far and wide as our voices can carry, and much further still. That’s why I have decided to use my platform to create this book, which is based on the best science currently available – a book that covers the climate, ecological and sustainability crisis holistically. Because the climate crisis is, of course, only a symptom of a much larger sustainability crisis. My hope is that this book might be some kind of go-to source for understanding these different, closely interconnected crises.”

You might think it’s an impossible task: secure a safe future for life on Earth, at a scale and speed never seen, against all the odds. But there is hope – if we understand how everything is connected, hold power to account, and drive the change.

We are alive at the most decisive time in the history of humanity. Together, we can do the seemingly impossible. But it has to be us, and it has to be now.

The Climate Book is out now, published by Penguin Books

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