Documentary follows the lives of everyday activists on the frontline fighting Climate Change

Joe Gantz’s The Race to Save the World is an inspiring feature documentary that follows the lives of everyday activists, showing their passion, determination and commitment as they immerse themselves in the fight against climate change.

The film features powerful footage, moving interviews and first-person accounts of protests and arrests, as the activists aged between 15 and 72, put themselves on the line to create a sustainable world, often risking their relationships, careers and sometimes freedoms in the process.

Gantz hopes that the film will inspire viewers to stop waiting on the sidelines and make their voices heard, while there’s still time to lessen the damage for future generations.

“With so much at stake we need to show our solidarity. I hope that watching…The Race to Save the World will inspire folks to understand that the difference between tuning climate change out and jumping into this fight, is just believing you can make a difference and taking that first step”

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