debbie tucker green: Ear for Eye and the element of surprise

When you hear the name debbie tucker green (as she prefers to write her name in the lower case) what comes to mind? The guess is that amongst the multitude of pictures that surround the British playwright, screenwriter and director the most notable feature is her sturdy and uncompromising character – standing firmly behind what she believes.
The award-winning writer’s new play, Ear for Eye is about to debut at the Royal court and some of the actors involved have taken time to comment on the innovative cum norm-breaking approach of the theatre lynchpin. Before the play began to preview at the Royal courts, a lot about its details were kept discreet and largely surreptitious.
There was a lot of false information being circulated about the content of the show but the cast kept their cards close to their chests and they wouldn’t reveal what the play was all about – until an interview with BBC Radio 4 where the cast discussed the importance of black voices on stage. Debbie is of the opinion that audiences should walk into the theatre with their optimism intact as well as the element of surprise.
Debbie Green Tucker

Debbie Green Tucker

The London born and bred playwright has a couple of plays under her belt ranging from contemporary love stories and sex to crime, violence and marital fails. There’s been a lot of reactions and chitchats about debbie tucker green’s conservative approach but some of the actors involved have stepped up to justify her low profile.
She isn’t a fan of sitting in front of the camera but in her last big interview with The Guardian in 2005, she revealed how she creates her stories and her innovative style. tucker green explains that she doesn’t start with a concept when she writes her plays, she just fiddles with her pen until she felt her pieces were meaningful enough.
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