Youth Crime Prevention

Idris Elba launches campaign against knife crime
Idris Elba has urged the government to immediately ban machetes and ‘zombie’ knives, saying it's...
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Idris Elba
Idris Elba, Nike and NFL collaborate for knife crime charity
Idris Elba and London-born Dallas Cowboys coach Aden Durde have teamed up for the NFL’s...
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Jamaica’s Broadcasting Commission bans playing of scamming, Molly and gun music
The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica has imposed an immediate ban on the playing of music...
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Wear Orange Weekend
Since 2015, American cities have observed the first Friday of June as National Gun Violence Awareness Day....
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Idris Elba Speaks Out Against Knife Crime With Arsenal’s ‘No More Red’ Campaign
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Idris Elba has said no child is born with aspirations to be a gang member...
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