Singer Janelle Monae in a Black Dress
Janelle Monaé’s new album fights back at anti-LGBTQ+ laws
Janelle Monae's new album, ‘The Age of Pleasure’ is her first album since 2018's Dirty...
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Michael Ward as Stephen & Olivia Coleman as Hilary, sharing a seat on a bus, a clip form the film 'Empire of Light'.
Sam Mendes draws on his mother’s struggle with mental illness in new film ‘Empire of Light’
Sam Mendes’ first solo-scripted film, 'Empire of Light', is set in an English coastal town...
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Zayn Malik urges PM to extend free school meals amid cost-of-living crisis
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Following the lead of England footballer Marcus Rashford and celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, Zayn Malik...
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New Judi Love documentary explores the barriers faced by Black women in the UK
Comedian and ‘Loose Women’  panellist, Judi Love, explores the social, political and economic barriers that...
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Jamaica’s Broadcasting Commission bans playing of scamming, Molly and gun music
The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica has imposed an immediate ban on the playing of music...
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Left Field line-up in solidarity with Ukraine and against cost of living crisis
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Glastonbury is known for its radical roots and this year politically-charged stage Left Field has...
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