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The good, the bad and the ugly: How to cope with reviews

Vinay Patel's 'An Adventure' (Photo credit: Bronwen Sharp)

Vinay Patel is a playwright and screenwriter. Here he offers advice on handling criticism. Getting critically evaluated, be it by Lyn Gardner or your 12-year old cousin is nauseating. Even if the review is good, you’ll probably feel more relieved than joyous. Happy that you didn’t throw up on your shoes rather than suddenly assuming […]

Thank you Hamilton for showing us why arts with a social impact are a good investment

Hamilton the Musical

The Broadway show Hamilton is a popular, critical and financial success. The show has won 11 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. The Rockefeller Foundation, believing the show is a “catalyst for social change”, bought $7.5 million in tickets for public high school students nationwide. The New York Times is predicting, “the unlikely hit will ultimately generate […]

Class: The last taboo of modern culture

Cathy Come Home starring Carol White

it is undoubtedly true that in the last 40 years the diversity and equality agenda has been hugely successful. Today, more diverse voices from a much broader range of gender, race, religious and sexual backgrounds can be heard across the public sphere in the UK, than they ever have before. Openly gay men and women […]

New report showcases arts and cultural sector’s impact in fighting climate change

A report released by Arts Council England has shown that arts and cultural organisations are acting on and surpassing national and international climate targets. Environmental arts group Julie’s Bicycle, which produced the report, has been working in partnership with Arts Council England since 2012 to inspire environmental action across the arts and culture sector. Alison […]

Five top tips on breaking into the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry is one-of-a-kind. There is a strong perception around Hollywood, the red carpets and the glitz and glamour, but in reality, behind all of this are millions of hard-working people, whose passion for their work far outweighs the bright lights and glamour of the industry. Here are five tips on how to break […]