Becky Sanneh lands leading role of Cinderella in theatre’s pledge to cast more diverse actors

Suffolk’s Theatre Royal has cast 22 year old South Londoner, Becky Sanneh, in the leading role of Cinderella.

Becky, who has been acting since childhood never believed she would play a princess in a leading role.

“As long as I could remember I just thought I’ll never be the princess. I’ll probably be the sidekick or the funny friend…I think it’s really important that we say for everyone that you can be from any background and still be a princess”

Although casting people on their ability comes first for artistic director, Owen Calvert-Lyons, he said:

“It was a very conscious decision, and we employ that in all of our casting. We cast people of different sexualities, race, gender, class – that is something important to us”

The team behind the production aim to increase representation on the stage and are hoping that the production will help people believe that they can be anything they want to be.

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The final performances are on January 16th 2022. 

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