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The winners of the 2020 Visionary Honours Awards

Scarlette Douglas, Presenter

Due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic this year’s event was postponed and replaced by a virtual award ceremony. It still however provided an inspirational and entertaining evening for all those watching from home during lockdown. TV presenter Scarlette Douglas was the host, and delivered the opening monologue on behalf of founder, Adrian Grant: “The Visionary […]

debbie tucker green: Ear for Eye and the element of surprise

When you hear the name debbie tucker green (as she prefers to write her name in the lower case) what comes to mind? The guess is that amongst the multitude of pictures that surround the British playwright, screenwriter and director the most notable feature is her sturdy and uncompromising character – standing firmly behind what she believes. The […]

Captain Marvel: First trailer for female-led superhero movie launched

The first trailer for Captain Marvel has been launched on the internet. Starring Brie Larson , Captain Marvel is the first female superhero movie from the Marvel conveyor belt: it features ex-pilot Carol Danvers who gains superpowers after an accident and joins an intergalactic team called Starforce. Captain Marvel is directed by Anna Boden and […]

Is Doctor Who finally getting it right on race?

Doctor Who

With episodes featuring Rosa Parks and the 1947 partition of India, this season of Doctor Who has reached back into history to tell some of the most racially charged stories of the 20th century. It has been a throwback to the show’s original educational roots – but has raised questions about how Doctor Who has […]

Five top tips on breaking into the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry is one-of-a-kind. There is a strong perception around Hollywood, the red carpets and the glitz and glamour, but in reality, behind all of this are millions of hard-working people, whose passion for their work far outweighs the bright lights and glamour of the industry. Here are five tips on how to break […]

Four ways to succeed in the music industry for beginners

In the last 10 years, the music industry has evolved faster than anyone would expect. Breaking into the industry and recording a level of success isn’t as easy as it used to be. Nonetheless, there are still tips that can be borrowed from successful musicians. 1. Find the right timing for your work This is […]